1st Gym Meet

OSW had their first mock weightlifting meet Sunday, July 14th at CrossFit Oakland Uptown. Sarah, Beth, and Ashley were the only ones that were able to compete due to some scheduling conflicts with the rest of the team.

There were a lot of PRs to cap off the tough 10-week cycle these girls have fought through backed by the enthusiastic family and friends that came to show their support.


Afterwards, we had a celebratory potluck. Beth and her delicious potato salad, Alyssa’s guacamole, and Tamara just whipped out a grill with a cooler full of meat. Steak, chicken, polish sausages, and more. I felt the need to put my grillmaster skills to work.

Everybody left with full bellies and the first OSW cycle officially ended. We’ll break for a week and start back up on Monday, July 22nd for the second 10-week grind.

You can see photos of the meet/potluck here. Photos were taken by Peter Bui; one of the OSW lifters.



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