American Weightlifting

american weightlifting

Greg Everett’s documentary, “American Weightlifting,” is coming out in less than a week! Saturday, November 16th!

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on this film. The sport of Olympic Weightlifting in this country needs to be better recognized as what it actually is. It’s not meatheads in the gym doing curls in front of the mirror or guys screaming and slapping each other in the face to pump themselves up before a lift. This film explores the pride and passion individuals have for the sport and who have showed their dedication to keeping Olympic Weightlifting alive in America.

Some of the best weightlifting coaches in the country are interviewed and they share some of their stories on how they fought to keep weightlifting in their lives and also the sacrifices they had to make to do so.  Some of the coaches featured are:

Mike Burgener
John Thrush
Jim Schmitz
Matt Foreman
Kevin Doherty
Paul Doherty
Danny Comargo
Greg Everett

Greg Everett does a great job with making the film appealing to not only the people in the weightlifting world, but also to individuals who are oblivious to the sport (which is probably 90% of the American public).

I’m excited to see how this film sparks the growth of weightlifting in the United States. This country needs to know how special this sport is.

The film can be purchased via DVD, streaming or download at and you can pre-order your copy now.

Check out this trailer for a glimpse of American Weightlifting.

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